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~ Tuesday, November 20 ~

(New)…new EP [update]

Well, this didn’t happen (yet). And the reason is that there are bigger and better sounds and songs developing into a fresh new Clockwork Patient EP. The wait will be a little longer, but the result will be that much sweeter!

Currently working on the final track for a new EP, which will be the last output from Clockwork Patient for a while. This one is likely to be a bit more diverse than previous releases due to its longer gestation time, but will hopefully add up to a compelling listen. A few of the tracks have been kicking around for a while, but will be remixed and remastered. Look out for more updates - it’s nearly complete.

Track listing (subject to change):

1. Wires

2. Fault Tree Analysis

3. Spark In The Void

4. Fractal Scar

5. A Time Will Come

~ Friday, September 28 ~

Free Download: Music from ‘My World Ends With You’

You can now download the music from the ‘My World Ends With You’ music video / short film for free. Just head over to

~ Wednesday, September 26 ~

"My World Ends With You" official music video / short film by Clockwork Patient.

A music video epic in terms of scale, sound and vision. The film’s musical and visual elements were developed together to allow them to continually influence each other during the creative process.

© 2012 Clockwork Patient

Please vote for the video to help it climb the Beat100 chart:—-my-world-ends-with-you_25430/

~ Friday, September 21 ~

Music teaser for upcoming ‘My World Ends With You’ music video / short film by Clockwork Patient.

View stills from the video:

~ Sunday, September 16 ~

View stills from ‘My World Ends With You’ (a music film) - coming soon!


Coming soon: ‘My World Ends With You’ (a music film)

'My World Ends With You' is a ten minute music video by Clockwork Patient. Its musical and visual components were developed simultaneously from the ground up around an initial concept, which allowed them to continually influence each other during the process. This resulted in what might be better described as a music-based short film. Look out for its release in the near future.

~ Monday, May 21 ~

Watch Clockwork Patient’s video for new song “Spark In The Void”!

Music written and produced by Ian Harris
Directed by Rob Funffinger, Grant Evans and Ian Harris
Director of photography: Rob Funffinger
Edited by Ian Harris, Grant Evans and Rob Funffinger
Audio © 2012 Ian Harris
Video © 2012 Rob Funffinger

~ Thursday, March 8 ~

Just thought I’d see if Clockwork Patient’s music would fit with this epic videogame trailer and behold, it does!

Download the music featured in the video from

~ Monday, September 26 ~

We Leave At Dawn EP now available for free download

Follow the link below to download the EP right now for exactly zero monies:

We Leave At Dawn

~ Sunday, June 19 ~

Recording a video for one of the new tracks soon in order to delight/abuse your eyes as well as your ears.